HR Tech Fest 2018. Best Conference You Will Ever Attend.

Trust me.  I am in HR!

Starting a new job in HR technology about 5 years ago, I found out that it was lonely, hard and there were not that many people around I could talk to that understood what I was trying to do. God knows I tried, (large software company, I am looking at you) but no one would listen. Frustrating, right?

So I convinced my (very new) boss, that I had to go to HR Tech Fest to find out all the things we needed to know. 

HR Tech and Innovation Fest is now in it’s 5th year in Australia. This conference has something for everyone in HR, HR Technology, Talent Acquisition and now Learning!

Things I said yes to because 5 years ago I took a chance on a new conference in town.

  • Yes, I will speak at Tech Fest next year (did I just agree to that?)
  • Yes, I will speak at a conference in a different country (Best.Thing.Ever)
  • Yes, I would love to work in your start-up in the USA (A-maaazing experience)
  • Yes, let’s live in a beachside town and work remotely in HR Tech (True story!)

The world of HR Technology (and therefore HR) is maturing, particularly in Australia. The calibre of speakers and people you have the opportunity to speak to is of the highest quality (Have a chat with Bill Boorman, one of my speaking mentors).

One of the best things I ever did for my career, was attending the first HR Tech Fest. The people I met have been instrumental in advising me on my career. It was the best money and 2 days of my professional career I have ever spent. The opportunities it opened up were (and still are) endless.

If you want to come along, drop me a note so I can give you the code for a preferential rate, or email and mention me!

Hope to see you there. Get in touch if you want to connect or catch up at the conference.

We can swap HR war stories.

Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash