Keeping up with HR & Talent Technology

Keeping up with the latest in HR and Talent Technology should be easy – there is a lot of information available. But – Who do you listen to? What do you read? What do you believe after you have read, listened to and spoken to everybody? 

I wish I could gather all the information for you, put it all into a giant mixer, add some colour, a bit of flavouring maybe some ice-cream and serve it up in a gorgeous glass with a cherry on top. Sometimes dreams do come true – but not this one. We need to keep ourselves educated and informed on the latest trends and projections in our industry. With some help (if you would like it), you adapt that thinking – along with thoughtful actions and relevant outcomes – to your situation and organisation. 

You are in luck because it is the season to read the new surveys and reports that get released at this time each year. The ones I read every single year are linked to below – these are agnostic, have a number of years combined data behind them and are easy to read. There are also many high quality reports published by the large consulting firms, you can search them out yourself. 

Some of the top influencers in this field are in the process of producing their own research at the moment, you can subscribe to their email to keep informed. 

Navigo 7th Australian HR Tech Survey

Focused on the Australian market, an easy to read and digest report. The overall trends and market shifts documented, give you a good foundation on which to continue your own research. With SME’s forming a large portion of the respondents, you see a good picture of the slice of the market that is catered to by point solutions and 2nd tier providers. It is interesting to see Workday appearing in this sector of the market (according to the survey). Navigo have included team collaboration tools this time round. 

Sierra-Cedar 2019-2020 HR Systems Survey 22nd Edition

This is solid research that reaches out globally, but most respondents are from North America – this is changing though! As with Navigo, Sierra-Cedar are seeing an increase in spending sentiment for Talent and Core HR systems. Also analysed are the types of HR jobs that are expected to increase – we see analytics appearing at the top here. This trend is expected to continue globally as HR teams continue to expand their analytics capabilities.

A final report, that is used to inform the HR Innovation & Tech Fest each year is also worth reading. It is an interesting read and again you can read each year and track the overall sentiment of HR Tech professionals over the past 6 years. 

Full disclosure, I am involved with this year’s HR Innovation & Tech Fest, as I have been since the beginning. 

Image: Unsplash, Lidya Nada

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