It will glitter, but won’t always be gold

The music is mesmerising, the lighting subtle and relaxing. Plied with champagne and mini burgers, you see it across a crowded room. It is shiny, new and beautiful. It promises the most amazing experience and is adorned with the most gorgeous, fabulous and fashionable colours. The features are stunning. Showing off all the things you never imagined you would want, or want to buy.

You are IN LOVE. Now and forever. You are the answer to all my problems. Take my money NOW!

What? Wait.

Does this ‘suit my needs’? Do I have ‘the budget approved’? Does the Board know how much this will cost? What is your ‘return on investment’?

‘Building a business case’ sounds so boring and unnecessary when you see how beautiful the HR Technology solution is that will be the saviour of your HR department. But, that business case, is a critical, and often missed step in the journey to implementing your amazing new solution.

It starts with a KISS. That’s right. We don’t need to get too complicated, and here is a simple framework you can follow that will not only make you and your boss look fabulous but will also build the foundation for your project.

‘The easiest thing is to react. The second easiest thing is to respond. But the hardest thing is to initiate.’ Seth Godin

‘A rigorous discovery and interview process, ensures a business case is created that will help get your project approved.’

Investigate and gather information

Investigate and understand what your organisation needs. What sort of experience do you want for your employees? What is your budget? What do your stakeholders want? Build a picture of their expectations.

Build an impactful business case

Answer the most pressing questions in your business case. Quantify the return on investment. Showcase some of the beautiful pieces of the solution to your different audiences. Will your stakeholders be in love too? Build excitement.

Getting the seal of approval

Share your business case. Listen to what your stakeholders are telling you. What else do you need to include? Tell your story, as much as you can.

As we rocket through the ‘conference season’ in North America, followed closely by Europe and Australia/NZ, consider getting your business case approved (or at least started!) before you fall in love. In Australia it’s budget time, and if you haven’t missed the boat, get on board soon, otherwise that shiny new toy will be at least 2 years away.

Get in touch if we can help you with your business case.

Photo credit: Unsplash